Piano lesson fees?

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Post by alexalin » 10 Nov 2008, 15:16

Hey!! Could any one help to provide the details of piano fees.I am very much interested to learn the piano and let me know the details of the musical school.

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Post by S.Mitchell » 04 Jan 2009, 00:31

I paid 40 australian dollars for lessons with one woman (about £20), but she was also a qualified Alexander Technique teacher, so I got a lot of extra value from her showing me proper physical technique (considering normal Alexander Technique lessons are more expensive and not tailored specifically for piano). That was probably one of the best teachers I've ever had, I think it was definitely worth the money.

My teacher in high school cost £10 per hour, and that seemed very fair, but certainly not as good as the australian woman, despite being half the price.
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