Looking for Bach's English Suites

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Looking for Bach's English Suites

Post by Howard » 11 Jun 2005, 22:57

I am looking to purchase a copy of the English Suites 1-6, either on paper or printable from CD - or even downloadable ... Can anyone assist me ?



Gill the Piano
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Post by Gill the Piano » 11 Jun 2005, 23:36

I'm pretty sure that Edition Peters publish it, in which case you could probably get it from them direct in London, or Blackwell's Music Dept in Oxford post me stuff (just pay by credit card.)
Don't they do music shops in France, then?! :shock: Though I remember from my days working in a music shop that French music was a truly dreadful price, and I don't suppose the Euro has made that any better! If you're going to get it posted from abroad (ie, not France, seeing as you're in foreign parts already...) then if you have access to a British bank account/credit card, American music is cheap, even counting postage, because of the strong pound/weak dollar business. I've had several books from the USA which, including postage, cost me less than buying them here.
Does France do second-hand music shops/bookshops? That's another possible source.
I've heard that sheet music downloaded from the internet is difficult to read and sometimes badly edited, but that might just be some bad sites.
Good luck!

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Post by Chimera » 07 Jul 2005, 22:21


quite possibly thebest site on the internet.

and as long as the music was first written and published before 1927, its even legal!

every piece ive got has been spotless.

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