Picking out the melody

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Picking out the melody

Post by fumbler » 23 Mar 2005, 22:40


Does anyone have any tips on how to bring out the melody line when playing a chord? For instance the first movement of Beethovens Moonlight, or the second of the Pathetique, sonata? Well, any piece really.

When listening to these pieces on a CD the melody notes sound as if they are being played almost by a separate person (or hand!). The other notes in the chord are almost inaudible.

The only way I can emphasise the melody notes is either to roll my right hand to the right, or hit the keys from an inch or so, with the little finger hitting harder. It's very dificult when trying to play p.

I guess I should have practised more twenty years ago.


Gill the Piano
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Post by Gill the Piano » 24 Mar 2005, 18:51

No. don't belt it, just use a heavier arm weight on the top notes by leaning into the notes you want to bring out. Practise hands separately - you'll hear better what's going on if you do it one hand at a time. Basically you need to practise, practise, practise until you drive everyone else mad. I find that when someone bursts into the room and threatens to kill you if you play it again, you're nearly there... :shock:
There's no substitute for lessons, really, as it's so much easier to SHOW you than to describe. What about a couple of one-off (? Can you have a couple of one-offs? You know what I mean! :roll: ) lessons to help you get over that one aspect of playing?

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