Why am I not getting listed on the teachers page?

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Post by Barrie Heaton » 18 Mar 2005, 18:31

We put up about 45 a week but we reject about 60 a week

Resigns for rejections:
  • Typed in all Block or All lower case
    No qualifications given or a common one “25 years teaching” this is not a qualification
    No contact details
    A ridicules amount if text in the about me section (one lady typed in 1,500 words)
    No county selected
    No town given
    Selecting update when it is a new listing
    And the one that will get you deleted and placed in our Kill file is spamming us (some will fill in the form every day)
Some times the server has a cold or something back in August was lost about 200 requests

At the moment there are 180 waiting to go up the main update for the music teacher is done on a Sunday

Barrie Heaton
Web Master UK Piano Page

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