Piano Lessons

Questions on learning to play the piano, and piano music.

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Piano lessons

Post by Geminoz » 24 Nov 2004, 12:56

What came first...the chicken or the egg. :wink:

When I was taught piano as a child....my teacher showed me how to play pieces....taught me the various things I needed to know to be able to play a piece...and sent me home to practice so that hopefully with enough practice I would have improved by the time the next lesson came around....and then with even more practice I might eventually become proficient at playing the pieces either at a future lesson or for an examination or eisteddfod.
In my view piano lessons are just that...lessons to teach you how to play....if you don't practice no amount of lessons will help you play.
Now I am almost in my dotage and have taken up playing again.....but this time no lessons....but practice....practice....practice...practice in order that I might play the pieces I enjoy for my own pleasure.
I am finding the grounding I received for many years from a very good teacher is standing me in good stead. :)

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