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Question about new keyboard

Posted: 11 Feb 2017, 22:05
by matijaaa1
Greetings, I have a simple question, I want to learn to play Yiruma - River flows in you, and my question is what is the cheapest version of keyboard that is the most similar to the piano sound, I heard that song years ago and I want learn to play that song but I don't want to spend some big money on real piano, so what should I buy, the cheapest version of some keyboard that can give me that piano sound ( some model of keyboard would be great). Thanks in advance and cheers to everyone.

Re: Question about new keyboard

Posted: 12 Feb 2017, 03:02
by Colin Nicholson
Couple of questions first
1. What is your budget? (what do you mean by cheap?)
2. Do you want to buy new or second hand ?

Re: Question about new keyboard

Posted: 17 Feb 2017, 09:33
by Pianist685
Hi, matijaaa1,

the cheapest digital pianos with weighted hammer action are the ones produced by Medeli in Hongkong. They are sold under various names in Europe, most commonly under the "Hemingway" brand name. ... =hemingway

Of course, these instruments will not meet the needs of an advanced pianist, but they will do the job for a beginner.

In general, I find it rather "special" to buy a piano in order to play one piece only. Furthermore, Yiruma is rhythmically not easy. I do like him, have played a lot of his pieces (my favourite is "Kiss the rain") and don't think a beginner could be able to accurately play them.

Re: Question about new keyboard

Posted: 15 Sep 2017, 21:41
by donnadyer
I was thinking to buy Yamaha p115 piano ... 15-review/ here is the review . I need to that should I should as a beginners or not?