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A question about the adult methods

Posted: 11 Jan 2017, 23:39
by Bright_star
Hi everyone!

I'm a conservatory student from the Netherlands, and I'm doing my bachelor research about adult methods.
specifically I'm trying to get a picture of what an ideal piano method for adults would look like.
Of course completely perfect doesn't exist, especially not with so many different people.

But to achieve this I'm looking for as many people who had piano lessons (and preferably also as an adult, but not necessarily).
You would help me out tremendously by filling in this survey, it will only cost five minutes and you would earn eternal gratitude from a dutch student

At this moment I have only 16 answers, and my research is due in march. If you have any questions or remarks or anything, please let me know.
I'll answer fastest on my email:

Thank you!

Re: A question about the adult methods

Posted: 13 Jan 2017, 23:37
by Bright_star
Just a day after I posted this, and already 21 of you have replied, I am so happy! Thank you very much :D

It'll stay open for longer, so you can still fill it out if you haven't already.