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Looking for the piano from

Posted: 22 Jul 2015, 04:45
by Orned
My wife has recently started learning to play the piano and needs something at home on which to practise. I'm inclined towards a digital piano as it is more practical (Mainly space but also no tuning required and transport).

Knowing very little about pianos myself, what should I be looking for in purchasing a digital piano? At the moment she is very much a beginner, but I wouldn't want to purchase something that will limit her too soon.

Some specific questions:

How important is the number of keys?
What should I look for in the keys to get a good real piano feel?
What else should I look out for? Is there any reason to strongly oppose a digital piano?

Re: Looking for the piano from

Posted: 22 Jul 2015, 18:25
by Gill the Piano
First of all I must admit to being biased; I'm not fond of plastic pianos! If you get one, make sure the keys are the right size (ie the same size as a proper piano) because the hand soon learns the feel of the distance between keys ; this will eliminate confusion when your missus goes for her lesson on a proper piano. Get one that's touch sensitive (ie the volume/power of the note is controlled by touch alone, not knobs and buttons) as this is what she'll encounter on a real piano.
If you want a real piano, then it might be prudent to rent one first - a lot of shops will rent them to you and knock off what you've already paid from the price should you decide to buy. You can get free pianos on Freecycle, but do take and experienced player or - preferably - a tuner with you to give it the once over. There are bargains out there!

Re: Looking for the piano from

Posted: 24 Jul 2015, 08:48
by Colin Nicholson
For some general basic help, read my digital piano page.... offers tips etc....


Re: Looking for the piano from

Posted: 31 Jul 2015, 23:41
by markymark
Look out for phrases like "graded HAMMER action" - these replicated the feel and weight of an acoustic. Notice that I said REPLICATED. Some keyboards are only weighted or touch sensitive - this is not the same thing!