Please could someone check my (short) notation?

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Please could someone check my (short) notation?

Post by Jakers » 06 Jul 2015, 20:10

I had my first stab at transcribing a section of music today, as I couldn't find existing sheets and I wanted it for a future tattoo -

I would be so grateful if somebody could please check the accuracy of my transcription (I believe it is notated properly despite being an octave higher for the sake of the tattoo, and arranging everything on a single stave for the same reason).

The section starts at about 2:40 :

The transcription :

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Re: Please could someone check my (short) notation?

Post by Gill the Piano » 08 Jul 2015, 14:39

Looks all right to me but the balance is dreadful on the recording and it's hard to hear the piano part very well.
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