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My piano chord training app.

Posted: 10 Jun 2015, 17:48
by jobsr
I was once trying to practice the piano chords at home but apparently there was not enough time to spend with my piano so I decided to come up with my own application.

It's called "Chords Play" (For Tablet Use).

Chords Play has 2 modes: Campus and Freestyle.

1.Campus mode : Chords Play will pick chords depending on the level of the player. Starting with the easy chords and stepping harder along player’s level.
The key size is designed to be as realistic as the actual piano key to enhance the real experience while playing. Keyboard will slide to an appropriate position depending on chords display.
Provides several skin themes.
2.Freestyle mode : player can choose chords they want to practice. They can select root chords, chord qualities, chord inversions.
Chords Play will automatically show the correct finger pattern if players cannot play that chords so they can simply follow.

Chords Play is available on
playStore : ... .chordPlay
appStore : ... 93558&mt=8

Re: My piano chord training app.

Posted: 13 Jun 2015, 13:48
by lovinglife
Amazing! :shock:

Although I learned how to play the piano at 16, I still consider myself a learner. (I remember seeing Gunilla Süssmann, a Norwegian pianist, on stage as a child and that's pretty much where my interest began). If we had this in the 90's, I would not have waited for my high school years to man up and act on my lifelong interest. What a time to be alive!

Re: My piano chord training app.

Posted: 28 Nov 2015, 20:42
by Svitlana
It's really cool app. All my friends are using it, regardless of the making music experience