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Advice on aural training

Posted: 24 Dec 2014, 09:12
by jsong
Hello! I'v been a piano teacher for a year and some of my students are preparing for ABRSM exam. But I'm not sure how to teach the aural part. Are there any helpful aural training apps/books that I can use for teaching? Please feel free to give suggestions! Thank you!

Re: Advice on aural training

Posted: 24 Dec 2014, 17:20
by Gill the Piano
You can buy books of sample aural tests from the ABRSM or from - or maybe from Amazon. Have a look! I think they come in a series of 3 books; Grades 1 to 3; Grades 4-5; and Grades 6 - 8.

Re: Advice on aural training

Posted: 27 Dec 2014, 18:56
by Colin Nicholson
You can also get the AB aural books with or without CD ... optional. The cds also do mock exams so you get to hear the examiners wording and question format.. also the CD plays all exercises & questions, then gives answers.

Obviously, for part B (grade 1-3), the singing as an echo exercise cannot be marked or corrected.... only the teacher can correct this.

The book is "Aural Training in Practice"
If your pupils are entering in for the real ABRSM exams, you need to go by the book's aural test format/ correct order for either grade to keep in with the ABRSM syllabus.

All aural test grades have four sections, A B C D (two parts to D section)

This is the book recommended >>> ... n+practice

You also need to register with the ABRSM - it's free, to get your applicant number.
hope that helps

Re: Advice on aural training

Posted: 29 Dec 2014, 03:36
by chloebotts
I recommend to my students to use an app called AURALBOOK.It gives you live feedback like a music teacher was with you and is really easy to use. It has helped all my students pass their exams! Hope this help.