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What is this song

Posted: 04 Nov 2014, 05:34
by Jabarr
Here are the notes,if you recognize it,you will know the tempo,slow & gentle.
B A D B B A G A E D G F# E

Re: What is this song

Posted: 04 Nov 2014, 09:53
by Colin Nicholson
Sorry, this doesn't mean anything. Have no idea of the 'pitch' of the notes.
For example.... the 3rd note D ...... is this 5 notes below A, or 4 notes above?
It looks like it could be in G major - but that's all can be detected.

If you could put the notes onto a treble clef stave (even just as dots) scan it & send it here .... might be able to help.
Also - there is no rhythmic value of each note.... crotchets/ minims/ rests etc....

Re: What is this song

Posted: 04 Nov 2014, 16:52
by Jabarr
hey colin
thanks for the reponse,my dumbness is showing,i will try to figure out a better way to do this maybe number the notes.thanks again jim

Re: What is this song

Posted: 06 Nov 2014, 11:20
by gizzy
Long B at the beginning, up to the first D, and then more or less down from there on? Not the opening phrase, but I'm willing to bet money you're singing Ravel's Pavane Pour Une Enfante Defunte.

Am I right or am I right?

Gizzy in Cambridge

Re: What is this song

Posted: 07 Nov 2014, 16:41
by Jabarr
Right on Gizzy,hey your good, I kinda figured it was Ravel or DeBussy but did not have the music. But I will now.....Thanks much Jim