Songs using only Tonic and Dominant Chords

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Songs using only Tonic and Dominant Chords

Post by jd8386 » 18 Mar 2014, 15:01

I am new to the Piano forums. Over the years I have visited this site occasionally and I also read the forums. I am coming out of hiding now because I need help compiling every song that uses only the tonic and dominant chord in the first 16-32 measures. Like many teachers I am annoyed and bored to tears by mainstream curricula like Alfred, Bastien, Micheal Aaron, and Piano Adventures. I want a good database of children's music (organized by harmonic complexity) and I intend to create it.

My current list is

Prince of Denmark's March (Clarke)
Marriage of Figaro (Mozart)
Musette (Bach)
A Little Night Music (Mozart)
Ode to Joy (Beethoven)
Trumpet Voluntary (Clarke)
Waltz in C (Diabelli)
Little March (Turk)
Little Dance (Turk)
Barber of Seville (Rossini)
Little Melody (Kabelevsky)

Frere Jacques
Simple Gifts
Hot Cross Buns
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Down By the Station
Molly Malone
London Bridge
The Farmer in the Dell
Skip to My Lou
A Tisket a Tasket
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Little Bo Peep

My list is too short. There are hundreds of pieces still to find. The framework for this project is currently in place at For reference, see the attached picture to understand the formant this music will take. Also, the second level of this curriculum will include subdominiant chords and submediant chords, so you can also suggest pieces that use just I, VI, IV, or V, if you think of them (i.e morning mood (Grieg) and This Old Man).

I appreciate any suggestions! Music from any source (folk or otherwise) is great.

Ode to Joy -
Waltz in C -

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