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Post by dave brum » 17 Nov 2013, 08:26


Sunday 17th November 2013

Over recent days there has been some controversy generated over some rather graphic and over critical postings I have made on this Forum during the months of October and November 2013 regarding my previous experiences as a piano student, and other comments concerning my previous piano teachers and teachers locally that I have contacted and have refused to teach me due to other negative comments I have made either elsewhere or here.

I am also aware of certain other users of this Forum attempting to stir up trouble and between myself and a local teacher, whom I have been in contact with and that I have made comments on here that have been misconstrued as being libelous and slanderous. This local teacher has asked me not to get in contact again, and I have absolutely no intention of doing so.

In the light of these facts, I wish it to be known that:

1. as of today, the 17th November 2013, it is my wish not to make any further over-detailed frustrated and angry comments about past piano learning experiences on this forum any more.

2. I will also be refraining from commenting critically regarding piano teachers in general, either that I have employed in the past, piano teachers in my area that I have contacted, and those that use this Forum.

3. that I shall also cease unnecessary verbal attacks on the forum of the ABRSM, and its users.

4. that over the next few days, I shall be combing this section and the Idle Chitchat section and either removing or heavily censuring such negative and controversially provocative postings, in accordance with the rules of this Forum.

5. and furthermore, I shall be censuring all graphic references to the bodily functions of my two cats, in favour of more conservative language.

It is also my intention, in this week that I restart piano lessons with a new teacher, to make a special effort to draw a line under past events and move forwards. One of the ways this can be achieved is for me to kill the negative postings on this forum, as is the intention. Another reason is that I believe potential new members are discouraged from joining and posting upon this Forum due of my excessively nihilistic rantings, so they need to be deleted. I am asking for support from the Moderation team on this.

I would also like to ask those whom have quoted me to remove their quotations too, as I have - or will be - removing the originals. It is also my opinion that the threads concerned should now be removed by the Moderator, Barrie.

Finally, I shall expect to be barred permanently from this forum should I again misuse it by posting negative comments, Barrie and the Moderation team being witness to this. This will enable me to make a clean break as I turn my focus to that of learning to play the piano.

dave brum.
The world's unluckiest piano learner, quite possibly.

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