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Piano Book Offer

Posted: 30 Oct 2013, 13:17
by SarahLovesPiano
Hey all, this may be useful for you!

I have just stumbled upon this incredible new offer that is for today only that I think everyone should get onboard with. ... B00EP4X4A0

For today (30th of October 2013) only, you can download it to your Kindle, Tablet, Phone or iPad and take some steps into learning piano. It's great for all ages and it works at different levels of expertise.

Really simple and easy without the faff of pages!

Try it now :)

Re: Piano Book Offer

Posted: 01 Nov 2013, 01:15
by Colin Nicholson
Hi there.....

Did you write/ get involved / promote this software yourself? .... or are you the pupil beginner?.... or perhaps for your children?

We see hundreds and thousands of different online/iphone/ methods about teaching "basic piano lessons" .... this one is no different.

Always be aware that you can easily pick up very bad habits during the early stages of learning the piano. The tutorial mentions the alphabet: ABCDEFG.... (good so far) but then doesn't explain the "musical alphabet" .... and a tune suddenly starts on Middle C.... missing out A & B.... wonder why??...... to some its obvious, but for a tutorial - this can lead to confusion.

I started teaching an adult beginner 2 weeks ago.... we did a simple tune.... CDCDCCC.... then DEDEDDD.... BUT, he used his thumb for Middle D for the 2nd routine, as though to start again.... things like that any software cannot correct.

I like the idea though - but maybe there should be a teacher at the side?? :)

Unless the software has been PROVED & TESTED - and results are shown of a good technique - I would treat these tutorials with a pinch of salt.... and perhaps you get what you pay for?