Piano teacher jobs in UK

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Piano teacher jobs in UK

Post by Jessica_ranft » 08 Jan 2013, 17:57

my name is Jessica, I'm 25 y-old and I live in Brazil. I'm British citizen an my family lives in England, except me and my mother, and I'm trying to move out to England to live close to the rest to the family.

I would like to know from you what do I have to do to get a job in England as a Piano Teacher. I got a Bachelor's degree in Piano Perfomance here in Brazil from the University of Brasília and I also have a Teaching certificate. I've been teaching Piano for 4 years to all ages (from 7 y-old) and levels. I teach classical piano and I also have very good knowledge about Brazilian music (popular and classical) since I've studied that during all my course.

Do I need anything else to get a job as a piano teacher in UK? Any other certificates? I'm looking for jobs in Music Schools, not in schools in general.

Do you know how do I apply to a job since I'm living in Brazil right now? Know any Music Schools that need a piano teacher?

Thank you very much,
Jessica Ranft

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Re: Piano teacher jobs in UK

Post by Colin Nicholson » 09 Jan 2013, 09:41

Hi Jessica

Welcome to the forum.

No one is likely to reply to this, because you have not said which part of the UK you intend to return to? "England" is a pretty big place! (maybe not as big as Brazil).

I am a private piano teacher/ piano tuner & restorer in West Yorkshire/ UK, and my work is freelance (self-employed). I did various music exams between 17 - 30 years ago, so I don't really know who you need to contact to just "start a job" right here in the UK. It's not that simple. I might be able to give you some general help.

Firstly, I think that you need to be actually living in the UK, and possibly living here for a certain period for job applications with music schools/ colleges etc. Depending on which part of the UK you intend to live, you may also need to travel.

I am also not sure if your teaching certificate is valid in the UK.... this may depend on the course work you did, and if you have had any teaching experiences in schools? I know of a few music schools, but mostly just employ some music teachers on a part-time basis.

If you were accepted by a music school, you would definitely need to have a CRB check & certificate - and sometimes this search is paid for by the employer. This is a mandatory check to find out if you have a criminal record or not. Even if you don't have a criminal record, if you are working with children/ adults/ elderly/ vulnerable people etc.... you must be checked out..... and takes a few weeks.

I myself have been looking for work in Australia recently, however, I had to fly out there to stay with friends to find out more - it would be impossible to look for work there.... 12,000 miles away!!

You could try contacting The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) - they may be able to give you some leads, and they also have a forum for asking questions. From the qualifications you have, I see no problem in your getting parapatetic work (travelling from school to school) ...... however, you may have to withdraw your somewhat 'narrow' search in just looking for a piano teacher's job, and possibly take on a "general education" teacher, with your music as a side study.
You may also need to teach at A level/ harmony & counterpoint etc....

also try "directgov" for jobs, or ask a local job centre where your family live for some advice. Sorry I've not been much help, but that's a starter for you....

Hope that helps....

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Re: Piano teacher jobs in UK

Post by Jessica_ranft » 09 Jan 2013, 17:27

Hi Colin, that's a big help for me since I need a start point... thank you very much!

I'm sorry I didn't specified well what I'm looking for. Most part of my family lives in Suffolk and that will be my priority. For a start my focus will be in private dedicated music centres/schools, since is the same type of music teaching I do here in Brazil.

I know that general music teachers who teaches in state school system need to complete a PGCE and that's something that I'll have to do after moving to the country (as far as I know it's not an online course).

Thank you very much for the help. I'll try to find out if the music centres would accept my certificate and about that CRB check & certificate (that's something we don't have here).


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