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Yamaha CLP370 Reviews

Posted: 29 Nov 2010, 07:47
by narcissus
Ive had 3 piano`s in all.... Casio Celviano..a Roland (all new ) and now of course this very beautiful CLP370 Clavinova.

In my opinion, the CLP370 is without doubt the best sounding instrument of them all. It sounds and feels like an acoustic grand piano, or as near to it as is possible, and of course, nowhere near the price of a grand, and does not take up anything like the room.

For me, it is ideal,it looks good,feels good, and most of all sounds really lovely. I bought it from: "Music is Life Christchurch Rd Bournemouth". Probably could have got it a bit cheaper on line, but then I would have had the hassle of carting it upstairs to my flat and then assembling it, this was all done for me and of course the shop is just down the road in case of problems.

Yamaha`s back up is good too, with piano/internet connections streaming piano music through the piano, and their musicsoft program also piano lessons, its a really good all round deal. There are no negative points at this stage, I just dont have any. For the last couple of months (since I bought it) I play it every day. Well, what more can I say....Dave.