Yamaha Clavinova CLP 340 Review

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Yamaha Clavinova CLP 340 Review

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I paid a little bit more than the cheapest price I could find on the net so that I could buy it from my local store. It was delivered ready made with only 5 minutes worth of tinkering required once it was in the house. Even ready built, it was brought in the back of a (very large) estate and was carried into the house by only two people.

I've only had it a week and it's still "in hiding" from my daughter, who doesn't get it until Sunday.

This is my opinon - the opinion of a complete novice who has never done more than press a key on a piano and make noise rather than a tune. These are, however, the two things I was most concerned with when buying the piano (my wife concerned herself with the looks, hence the extra cash paid for one in polished ebony). As it is, I can't tell the difference between this and an acoustic piano, neither in tone nor in feel. Nor could I tell the difference between this keyboard and the natural wood keyboard on the 370, which is why I bought this one (that and the fact that the cabinet looks nicer on the 340 too).

I haven’t tested everything out yet, obviously. Volume is adjustable and there are dual headphone sockets. It has a number of other voices, such as strings and choir, two of which can be played simultaneously (e.g. piano and strings) or the keyboard can be "split" so that bass notes are played with one voice and the treble notes with another. There is a built in metronome. It records and can play back left and right hands seperately. It has a demo songbook and can connect to the internet to play more music, including a continuous stream (I have it connected to my wireless network) which is a bit like having live piano music rather than listening to it on the radio. Obviously, it's a digital piano and is not something from the CVP range nor is it an Electone StageA.

Haven’t needed to use it but I have every confidence in my local dealer.

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Re: Yamaha Clavinova CLP 340 Review

Post by grated »

I found some more reviews of CLP 340 here: http://www.ukpianos.co.uk/yamaha-clp340-review.html
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