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What to expect if you by a Yam Clp ( 370)

Posted: 10 Aug 2008, 15:01
by Moonlight
Hi everyone!

I'm writing this post as a brief guide for anyone thinking of buying a Yamaha Clp digital piano or a similar one in size, because some people
( me included ) think they might be easier to transport then an upright and this may be one of the reasons people buy them, and are mislead into thinking they are easy to move. ( they are not)

Clp Packaging

The Clp 370 comes in a big box ( roughly H 25'' W 58'' ) the box is very heavy and will require two relatively strong people to move it. The box will fit into an estate car or bigger but not a smaller car. The piano stool comes flat packed and is very easy to assemble. The piano is well padded inside the box and should you need to put the box down quickly it should not harm it too much.

Piano parts

When you open the box the piano comes in five parts. The heaviest and hardest part to move is the keyboard, again to strong people are needed to move it. Conveniently the keyboard part has some handles on the back of it. Assembly is relatively straightforward; attach the sides to the bottom part ( the part with the peddles ) and then the back part to it, to create the stand. Lasly the keyboard is lifed onto the stand and attached. ( Please see your owner's manual for a more detailed description on how to assemble the piano )

So, whats it like?

This is just my personal opinon about the two most important things people look for in a digital.

( piano ) Sound

Bass and high register of piano sound good. Mid range sounds rather burly or muffled when not struck hard.


The keyboard does not feel quite the same as real pianos, to me it has a less satisying feel and has less smoothness when the white keys are depressed. The synthetic ivory keytops feel nice ( much nicer then plastic ) and any moister from the hands quickly evaporates to prevent fingers from sliping.

What did i think?

Overall not a bad piano, miles better then what I had to put up with before. ( a keyboard! :shock: ) If you are considering practicing on a keyboard then please do try to buy a digital piano at least, if you can afford one. If you move from a keyboard to a digital ( like I did ) there will be a slight adjustment period, you wont be used to the weight and your hands may ache a bit for a few days. To reduce the likeihood of that happening warm your hands in warm water before you begin pratice. It worked for me! :wink:

Posted: 10 Aug 2008, 15:45
by markymark
Some good tips there!

The mid-range on a digital piano I have to say is always the weak spot me, irrespective of the manufacturer. Mid-ranges have often been guilt of being dull, or very boast/sudden, or even very harsh and trebly. Not sure about the science behind it all but it seems that a good mid-range has been hard to develop convincingly.

Down the line, you might want to consider getting a small amp or speaker for your piano. That can have a positive impact on your midrange too.

Just from reading your review, you sound a bit disappointed - are you?

Posted: 11 Aug 2008, 20:17
by Moonlight
Hi Mark, Hi Dave!

I am enjoying my new Japanese toy actually, but I am a little sad about the mid range sounding muffled; especially as a beginner most of the pieces I can play are in the mid range. When I pratice I can't seem to make up my mind as to what piano voice to stick with; I keep swiching between 'Grand Piano 1' and 2. The first piano voice is really good in the bass and high end but the mid reminds me a bit of a muffled electric guitar sound! (forgive me if I sound a bit mad :shock: ). The second voice is better in the mid range, but it has more of a metallic sound to it, almost like a sampled harp style sound and the high range is less
piano like.

The thing I don't get is that the demo songs the piano can play, sound really good; as if you're listing to a cd. So it can't be the speakers fault that it can't play the clear sound of a real piano :? . Thanks for that tip Mark, I might hook the piano up to an amp and speaker if I can find one.

I managed to pluck up enough courage to impress my parents with a very sort recital of a simplified Tchaikovsky's Marche Slave and a few bars of Pachabel's Cannon :lol: before I forgot how to play So they seemed to be impressed with my new piano.

:piano; :piano; :piano;

Posted: 12 Aug 2008, 14:57
by sparkley
Hi there :-)

Lucky you getting the CLP370, my budget only stretched to a 340! I agree with the size of the thing - the box was huge, and very heavy! It said it was a 2 person lift, so we were hoping that me and my boyfriend would manage. But I'm your typical weedy girl and couldn't lift the thing! We had to get a neighbour to help carry it in, and he then had to help again when assembling to lift the keyboard onto the base. When we first opened the box we felt like we were going to be spending all day assembling the thing, but it only took about 30mins or so.

I'm very pleased with my clavinova. When I visit my parents house every couple of weeks I use their acoustic to keep up practising on one between lessons, but I've had no problems with mine. I agree about the middle range sound being slightly muffled, but overall I'm very impressed. The 340 also has the wooden keytops which makes so much difference and makes it feel much more like a piano.

Posted: 12 Aug 2008, 15:19
by markymark
Moonlight wrote:When I pratice I can't seem to make up my mind as to what piano voice to stick with; I keep swiching between 'Grand Piano 1' and 2. The first piano voice is really good in the bass and high end but the mid reminds me a bit of a muffled electric guitar sound! (forgive me if I sound a bit mad :shock: ). The second voice is better in the mid range, but it has more of a metallic sound to it, almost like a sampled harp style sound and the high range is less piano like
I know what you mean! That piano sample used for Piano 2 was the brand new Piano 1 sound for the P200 when it came out 5 or 6 years ago. It is also Piano 2 on my CP300 and, admittedly, I resort to it for a change in sound basically. That piano sound is great with a pad or strings and sounds, particularly if you are playing pretty spaced-out pieces of music. I do find that the mid-range can sound clangy and too sudden for fuller chorded pieces. Both Piano 1 and 2 have their place so that's why you're felling confused about which to play.

As for the amp idea, see if you can get the lend of one or at least get the option to try out a speaker with the option to return. I know that the natural reverb emulated by the speakers - I can't think of Yamaha's name for it at the moment - is lost when you put the piano through an amp, so although the mid-range of the keyboard will sound better, the loss of the atmospheric emulation from the speakers may be a slight let down. It really depends on the amp or speaker you use should you opt to go down that road!

Posted: 12 Aug 2008, 17:56
by markymark
Can't say that I have ever had that problems unless my hands get sweaty! But then again, I moisturise everyday! :wink:

Posted: 12 Aug 2008, 22:57
by markymark
Absolutely, using "Mild green, Fairy Liquid"!

So in answer to the old question, hands that do dishes can feel as soft as your face! :lol:

Posted: 13 Aug 2008, 14:20
by Moonlight
Hi everyone! :)

Mark, are you saying that if I put the Clp through an amp the piano wont be able to play the Damper Resonance effect? is that the word you were looking for? Does that only happen if it goes through and amp and not a speaker?

Ah ha ! So its moisturiser and Fairy that makes people into a good pianist!!! Thats why they have such soft and supple fingers!!!

Dave, Sparkley I think we need to buy some Nivea and a bottle of Fairy Liquid...and more pratice of course. Oh and a piano teacher for me and Dave. :cry:

Hi Dave! :)

No my fingers don't slip about that much any more thanks to my new piano, if they do miss the right keys its because of my clumsiness mostly when trying to do chromatic scales (there so fun! :shock: ). They did slip on my keyboard because it was plastic but I wouldn't call them pristine although I have kept it in good condition even though I had a love-hate relationship with it :twisted: . I would also like to say that I have now been a Clavinova owner (oh that rhymes!) for a week today!

Posted: 13 Aug 2008, 14:34
by markymark
Yes. The iAFC feature only seemed to operate when the speakers in the keyboard were being used. The system basically responded to the acoustics in the room and adjusted reverb, etc. as necessary.

HOWEVER, this was in the by-gone models and I'm not sure whether or not the CLP3XX series still have this. Based on the mechanics of the system, I can see how they could correct the problem.

You can check with Yamaha to be sure, but as sound to a USB device or speaker is based on an electrical signal, I'd be impressed if anything has been done to try and improve that little loophole.

Posted: 13 Aug 2008, 19:43
by Moonlight
Hi Dave & Mark

The Clp 370 doesn't have the iAFC feature but the 380 does, Its so annoying they took it out of the 370 because I wanted to get the 270 and it had the iAFC but the 380 is too expensive for me. So it shouldn't make any difference to the sound on the 370 if I connect it I guess. But I'm quite happy with the sound now, I'm quite familar with my piano now.

Thats great news Dave! yeah do tell me how you get on, as I still can't afford a 25 quid a week habit :sad: ( not violin lessons though too squeaky) ... I do wish I could afford lessons!

Ahh, thanks for the Christmas gift idea I'm sure it would come in handy :lol: . (excuse the pun)

Posted: 14 Aug 2008, 13:24
by Moonlight
Hi Dave,

My poor old Casio is siting under the dinning room table at the moment. I'm not sure whether to sell it or not because it is a MIDI keyboard and I might get back into making music on the computer one day, it has some really nice sounds on it. I have never conected it to the computer I never bothered to buy a MIDI cable.

The thing is I could afford a cople of lessons and I know there is quite a few piano teachers nearby, but I would really like to be able to go every week to the teacher and pratice religiously eveyday. If I found a really nice teacher I would want to go all the time and it would just torture me if I knew what I would be missing :cry: . That said, you can still keep me up to date with how you get on, I won't get too jealous :wink:

Posted: 14 Aug 2008, 13:48
by sparkley
Hey guys :-)

Dave, my fingers don't tend to slip off of the keys on my clavinova. However, even though I've had mine for a few weeks now, I'm still very protective of it and I always wash my hands before I play to keep the keys lovely and clean!!! I also moisturise a lot :-)

Good luck with the teacher Dave, let us all know how you get on! Moonlight, you could always try a lesson every fortnight? Or maybe even less frequently, but I know what you mean about wanting to go every week and missing it. I really look forward to my lessons and I hate it when my teacher is away and I have to miss one!

Posted: 14 Aug 2008, 16:47
by Moonlight
Hey guys! :)

I also take pride in my piano and dust it every day and always have the dust cover down on it when it not in use. I would never play on it with unwashed hands too (actualy its to warm them up in water). My cats hairs also end up on the keyboard and strangely the dogs :? even though hes not allowed in my bedroom but the cat is.

Hi Dave :)

Could I also recommend using Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula hand cream for you. Its for worn out hands like yours so it might make them more like Mark's hands! I know what you mean about geting more aware of your hands, I always keep my nails sort as long nails are a hinderance for us lot. And I also do a bit of 'air piano' or 'air hannon' when away from the keyboard to try and keep the hand to brain conection strong.

As for pratice I usually pratice for about 2 hours and a half on a normal day I think? On a really good day mabe 4 hours? or more. On a really bad day when I don't have much time 30 mins but thats quite rare. Yeah I have a lot of time at the moment with job hunting and all :roll:... wating for emails and stuff.

I like to spend about an hour on scales and hannon, what I call warm ups. Then the rest is going over suff I have learned and then learning new stuff. Then I like to just have fun and try to play a few bars of whatever, even though I will need to wait until I'm grade 5 etc to play it nicely.

Posted: 14 Aug 2008, 18:16
by Moonlight
:lol: :lol: :lol:

So your wish is to be Markymark hey Dave! Don't worry you will get there one day and me too I hope!

I have short (ish) pratice and split the hours into short lessons sometimes, but I'm quite happy siting at the piano for hours at a time.

Hanon is the name of a guy called Charles Louis Hanon (I think). Now I'm no expert as you know, but I think he developed a series of exerices for the piano to help students develop techinque. This involves learing things like phrasing, staccato, portamento etc its basicaly learing diffrent ways of playing the piano to produce diffrent effects. And yes we will need to learn that stuff too Dave if we are ever going to be on a par with Markymark. :shock: :shock:

Theres abook you can get of his studies by John Thomson. Its about a fiver.

Posted: 15 Aug 2008, 12:29
by markymark
Hanon is really good at getting the fingers going - imagine you never having heard of him Dave! :wink: You particularly notice muscles workings for the exercises that target your 4th and 5th fingers. Trouble is, if you are not consistent with it, when you go back to it, the muscle under your forearm starts to ache after a while. But, on the positive side, it really speeds up your hands' response time and even note precision and hand control for that matter.

I have to say, not everyone likes Hanon because they feel that it is an unmusical and mind-numbing way to develop hand agiilty, etc. etc. If you are going to use it, make sure that the usual sitting, arm and hand postures are correct before tackling the exercises.

Posted: 15 Aug 2008, 12:48
by markymark
Moonlight wrote:The Clp 370 doesn't have the iAFC feature but the 380 does, Its so annoying they took it out of the 370 because I wanted to get the 270 and it had the iAFC but the 380 is too expensive for me. So it shouldn't make any difference to the sound on the 370 if I connect it I guess. But I'm quite happy with the sound now, I'm quite familar with my piano now.
That is so weird! As you said, they had the iAFC feature on the CLP270 and CLP280 but I thought I remembered hearing some uproar about features being lost from some of the upper-range CLP3XXs that were presented in the CLP2XX range. That must have been it then! Still, the porous synthetic ivory keys should be some consolation! :roll:

Good thing for you is that you can use your amp without losing too much of the natural sound quality!

Posted: 16 Aug 2008, 08:53
by sparkley
Ooooh Dave do you reckon your neighbour would let you have a go on the piano?

Dave and Moonlight, you both practise so much! I usually try and practice as soon as I get home from work in the evening, and I'll play for about an hour. After an hour I start to get a bit tired and have to stop. I tend to do more at the weekend though, usually I'll do 2 lots of 1-hour practice.

I've heard other people mention Hanon and so I looked in the book at the music shop. They didn't have book 1 unfortunately, but I looked in book 2 and it seemed very repetitive!! I'm happy with A Dozen a Day at the moment, but I love practising those. Maybe I'll have to move on to Hanon when I'm done with all Dozen books!

I forgot to add, our next dor neighbour came round yesterday. I showed him my clav and the first thing he said was 'yes, but you can still tell its not a real piano'!!!

Posted: 16 Aug 2008, 22:06
by Moonlight
Hi Sparkley,

I can practise so much as I'm out of work at the moment, when I go back I might have less time although I try to keep it up!

Yeah Hanon is really repetitive but quite useful. I often find myself swiching off when I do them and start sight reading the next piece I need to learn on the other page or thinking, 'I wonder what I will have of dinner tomorrow' while my hands just keep on going automatically. Its enough to turn anyone in to a poor David Helfgott ( the guy in the flim Shine). I strangely find them enjoyable though :shock: :twisted: .

I've heard of 'A Dozen a day' whats that book like, any good?

We will always be singled out because we own a digital! :roll:

Posted: 16 Aug 2008, 22:59
by Moonlight
Hi Dave,

Yes I did see that flim about 3 weeks ago on BBC 1. I remember seeing bits of it years ago when I was a kid, I watched all of it this time; its a really good film. Yeah its based on a true story I think.

I think we should start a new post called ' Favorite films about Pianos' or somthing? hey Dave?

Posted: 19 Aug 2008, 13:56
by Moonlight
Hey Dave,

I'm not sure about making a flim, I don't think any of us would make good actors... maybe a documentary would work better, like the ones you get on BBC 1. It could be a documentary flowing the progress of adult learner musicians, flimed over years from beginner to grade 8, I'm fed up with programs about child prodigies :roll: . Sounds like a good idea maybe I should sell it to the BBC.

Thats a real bummer ( I haven't used that word since I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the 80s! :shock: ) Dave I bet you were really looking forward to your 1st lesson. Hopefully you won't need to wait too long.

Posted: 19 Aug 2008, 13:58
by sparkley
Moonlight wrote:Hey Dave,

Thats a real bummer ( I haven't used that word since I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the 80s! :shock: ) Dave I bet you were really looking forward to your 1st lesson. Hopefully you won't need to wait too long.
Rofl, lets bring the word bummer back into mainstream use!!

Posted: 19 Aug 2008, 18:25
by Moonlight
dave brum wrote: another word that needs to be revived is...

The last time I came across Heavy was when I was in college about 5 years ago...Sorry this is not piano related.

How about: Dat piano is bear heaaaavvvvy init?

Posted: 20 Aug 2008, 13:23
by Moonlight
Yes! I used to love watching The Yong Ones and my farvorite characters was Neil and Vivian, Its been ages since I saw it. I used to like watching Bottom too.

Yeah Neil did say heavy a lot, remember the episode where they put a black bag over his head to stop him from getting all that snot everywhere because he had a cold? :lol:

Anyway I'm sure we will get told off if we don't talk about piano related stuff.

Posted: 20 Aug 2008, 13:30
by Moonlight
Thinking about it, Its quite amazing how this simple post of mine trying to inform people about the Clp 370 has got 30 replies ranging from topics about moisturiser too the Young Ones!

Funny old bunch aren't we?

Posted: 21 Aug 2008, 14:14
by sparkley
The Young Ones was brilliant!! I loved the episode where they went on University Challenge :lol:

I also love how this thread has veered off! It's one of my favourite threads though!!!

My clav is good thank you :-D I have a piano lesson tomorrow so I'm about to go practice on mine. I haven't really tried any of the techy stuff yet, just using it like a piano at the moment. I might try connecting it up to my PC at some point though.

Posted: 21 Aug 2008, 20:16
by joseph
Its AMAZING what goes through my mind sometimes when I perform - oh have i left the iron on, i wonder if i'll get a nice glass of wine after, ooh look, sexy person in the audience better look smart, oh darn here comes the difficult bit. . . .

Posted: 21 Aug 2008, 22:34
by Moonlight
Hi Guys!!

Really Joseph? is that what concert pianists think before they perform?
And there I was thinking they had just been doing some kind of Zen Buddhist meditation before hand, to keep the nerves at bay :roll: .

Seriosly though how do you cope with nerves etc. If I was good, (which I'm not because only been learing the piano for a grand old total of 6 months; DIY style. ) I would just die with fright!

( Mr Miyagi , from the Karate kid ) Ahhh Daniel san, you need to become one with the piano. You need to become the piano, become the keys, become the music!

wow I do I love to talk crap...

Posted: 21 Aug 2008, 22:49
by Moonlight
Hey Dave, Hey Sparkley

I don't think I have seen that Little Britain sketch It sounds funny.
Did you ever see the episode of My Family were Nick becomes a piano tuner and tunes all the keys to C ? Then his dad goes and presses a note then another and another and they all sound the same! :lol:

I think I vaguely remember seeing Vivian smash a piano up ( and I didn't like it! :evil: ) See I had feelings for pianos when I was younger, but didn't even know I would want to learn to play one then!

I think its a rather undignified way to go for one. I saw a poor old looking one, looking really sorry for itsself, in the werehouse when I went to buy my Clp 370. Poor thing :cry: . Its like buying a sick puppy I guess ,buying a sick piano.

Posted: 22 Aug 2008, 10:45
by sparkley
Hey Dave and Moonlight :-)

I've seen that My Family episode, its funny :lol:

Wow Dave, are you making the chilli yourself? Sounds wonderful! I'm not a very good cook unfortunately. I finished university a year ago now, but I still live on the student diet of baked beans and pasta!! I'm on leave from work this work though, so I've been trying to cook 'proper' stuff! I'm making a casserole tonight, with lots of veggies in so its nice and healthy!

I get affected by nerves when I'm playing. Whenever I've done concerts on my clarinet its always my breathing that gets messed up by my nerves! With the piano, I get nervous when my boyfriend walks into the room whilst I'm practising!! Goodness knows how I'd cope in an exam!

I agree with the phone thing Dave, if my mobile goes off whilst practising it throws me all out!