How can i make my upright piano keys heavier?

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How can i make my upright piano keys heavier?

Post by chabos4 » 01 Nov 2008, 16:32

Hello everyone! :)

I have a yamaha upright piano E121T and its keys are rather light.
My teacher stated that i will not be able to built my muscles practising on this piano.

Is there a way i could make my keys heavier without having to buy a new piano?

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Post by joseph » 01 Nov 2008, 18:38

new piano? heavier keys? sounds like you need a new teacher more like!

The piano might not be ideal, but the idea of practice is NOT to BUILD muscles, but to create neurological pathways and condition the hand into performing certain actions.

Above that, it is about developing awareness so that you can have a mental concept of a work before you play it.

Muscles should be built in the gym if you feel so inclined. Don't mean to sound unkind, but it is the truth. (Hey, my teacher was taught by a pupil of Schnabel, Schnabel by Leschetizky, Leschetizky by Czerny and Czerny by Beethoven so I have a little bit of an idea, not that I could claim to play like any of them :twisted: )

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Post by Barrie Heaton » 02 Nov 2008, 10:25

Lead weight can be added to the back of the key you only need a few grams You need your tuner to test the key weight to get the balance he/she can look to see if the old key leads have been removed as some times they have been to make the action lighter

The simplistic none invasive way is go to you local fishing shop see what little weights they have use some bluetak to stick them on the back of the keys as close to the action as you can

Has your teacher got a grand ?

Barrie Heaton
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Post by Brumtuner » 02 Nov 2008, 11:08

"Has your teacher got a grand ? "

I don't think fishing weights are that expensive!

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Post by Gill the Piano » 02 Nov 2008, 15:55

Arf, arf...

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