A fix piano's (let off) using man fingers only

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A fix piano's (let off) using man fingers only

Post by TheMaximillyan » 31 Aug 2018, 05:36

Let-off, the point when the hammer disengages from the jack and flies freely. If the let-off is too large, it can be very difficult to achieve a pianissimo, to execute rapid trills, and to play powerful fortes; if too small, notes can acquire a "pinched" sound, or even block.

How does Max work as tuner-consultant on the Internet for the lay people?
Ilya sent me the first part of the video (before 5:04), where Max could clearly see that a let off can not work fully. This is due to the fact that a let off (for some unknown reason was heavily screwed out from wood plank, so when a jack from the impact was supposed to come into contact with it (a let off), it happened later than necessary according to the standard of mechanical movement. After blow of a hammer did it's to the string did not return to "native" place. A jack held a hammer and it stayed close to a string and a string slight buzzed even.
We need special tuning tool to solve such a problem. Ilya has no such tool yet. However, Max suggested that you need to make a special hook or use a spoke or any thin stick here. Inserting it into a ring of the adjusting screw of (a let off) it must be turned clockwise. Ilya did it this way. But he used his fingers for this operation. This is somewhat unusual and inconvenient to do. But this is his decision now. The main task: to ensure the full funcional work of the piano hammer, he did. The hammer after a blow the string returns to its need starting position.
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