Broken piano string . How it's made if you have not new string.

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Broken piano string . How it's made if you have not new string.

Post by TheMaximillyan » 21 May 2018, 03:16
Max was invited again so that he could reinstall the broken strings (double string H3-C4). A string broken near tuning pin. It's string double, that is, on iron plate hitch has string divided and it goes upwards to be fixed on two tuning pins. Max did not wanted set new strings. He did wanted kept "native" to keep according sound it's piano.
How he did it:
1 He twisted out the pins of double broken string from a pinblock (3-5) turnes
2 He removed broken string from the hole of the pin.
3 He put "conditionally a new string" on the hitch doing a loop in other new place.

4 He made new loop. Did insert end of a string up. It was hard to need get up it's between bass strings
5 Did set new loop on the hitch after.
6 Did inserted passed free part of the string through the pressure bar to lift up it's end to tuning pin
7 He inserted end of a string into tuning pin (an add brought pin that neither of this piano)
8 He bent the free end of the string ( add pin) to make coils. Did stucked the end in the pin. Holding pin of it's left hand, Max did 3-4 full turns clockwise him right hand to make the coils from string. Used small T-bar wrench
9 He took the string out of this pin
10 He put coils of string on "native" pin in the piano and inserted it's end in hole of tuning pin.
11 He distributed the string to the bridge pins. One man (Kosty) did helped him which kept end of a string his palm and strong pulled it's when Max distributed the string to the bridge pins
12 With his right hand, Max holds a sting of a screwdriver of the coils so that it's do not drive out from each other on the pin during it's screwing. Him left hand makes a smooth movement of the handle T-bar clockwise.
13 He corrected the lower part (loop on the hitch) using a screwdriver to make it sit as tightly as possible on iron plate. He slight press on a loop a sting of a screwdriver around a hitch
14Did rotated the pin and brings it's to the desired tone.
Try do it as me and it been done good
Good luck,

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