Rogers Tuning Pins

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Rogers Tuning Pins

Post by markdtp » 17 Feb 2018, 09:09

I recently bought a tuning lever in order to knock a note or two into tune on my Rogers Baby Grand (I know I should leave well alone as I am not a piano tuner but the odd note goes out of tune soon after I have had it tuned). The tuning lever I bought (which I thought was standard) does not fit the pins of my Rogers. Did Rogers use a non-standard size pin and if so where am I likely to be able to determine the pin size and purchase a suitable tuning lever?

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Re: Rogers Tuning Pins

Post by Barrie Heaton » 17 Feb 2018, 13:42

Most UK pianos that were made pre 1960 upright used 0-0 x pins if the piano has to be restrung it can anything up to 7-0 x
Today most tend to use 2-0 x this is to make the pin titer because of the greater surface area, as they user nickel plated pins which are more slippery than just mild steel ones. The downside is you can't restring as often before having to the change the wrest plank so shorten the life of the piano.

However, all the pins are now metric

0/0 = 6.91mm) dia.
1/0 = 7.01mm) dia.
2/0 = 7.16mm) dia.
3/0 = 7.26mm) dia.
4/0 = 7.39mm) dia.
5/0 = 7.52mm) dia.
6/0 = 7.65mm) dia.
7/0 = 7.77mm) dia.

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