Second hand baby grand for under £1000

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Second hand baby grand for under £1000

Post by filmsounds » 12 Dec 2017, 18:14

I'm on the lookout for a second hand baby grand for the measly sum of £1000 max. I've noticed that there are many Challens around and played one today that had quite a nice tone but was a bit 'mulchy' in the bass. I'm used to the bright tone of a Yamaha G3 but don't have the budget to pay for one! Can anyone recommend a similarly bright sounding, budget baby grand? Could the mulchyness in the bass be universal to all baby grands because of the string lengths or can it be improved with tuning? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Re: Second hand baby grand for under £1000

Post by RWAS » 16 Dec 2017, 19:34

All pianos will sound better after a good tuning. I am guessing that there are two causes of the "mulchyness" of the bass of the Challen piano. The short length of the strings is a factor and the age and condition of the piano.
New bass strings would probably improve the tone considerably, but that would be an additional cost.
I suggest that you keep looking to find a more suitable piano. Challen is an excellent make and other British brands worth considering are: Welmar, Marshall and Rose, John Broadwood and Sons, Knight, Collard and Collard, to name just a few.
When you find a piano which appeals to you, have it checked by an independent tuner/technician.

All the best for your search.
I love the piano and its music.

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