Buying an old piano, but don't know if I should or not

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Buying an old piano, but don't know if I should or not

Post by oikiu » 31 Jul 2017, 21:44

Hi everyone,

I'm planning to buy a piano for my little girl who's been showing lots of interest in piano for a while. We were planning to get her the Yamaha p-45 keyboard, but then I came across this old piano that someone is selling on eBay for half the price of the keyboard. My initial thought was, half the price sounds great, especially as I don't know if my little girl will play with it for a long time or not. And also, a proper upright piano seems better than a keyboard as keyboards can have electrical problems which mean replacing once it's broken, but a piano wouldn't or shouldn't break as easily as there's no electric involved, but it does need maintenance.

I can't find any information about this piano, don't know if it's worth buying over the Yamaha keyboard.

It would be much appreciated if anyone can give me some information about this piano, some advice on buying a 1st piano/keyboard(what to look out for), and if I should buy this piano or not.

All I know:
Upright Wooden Piano 85 key straight strung overdampered

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Re: Buying an old piano, but don't know if I should or not

Post by Gill the Piano » 01 Aug 2017, 18:22

Usually a decent enough beginner piano, but not as good as an overstrung underdamped instrument. Bear in mind delivery costs, tuning cost and it would be advisable to get the piano looked at by a tuner/tech first rather than pay removals and find out it's no good. Ask why it's being sold and if possible for their tuner's telephone number to ring and ask them about the piano.
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