Should I add ground to my Wurlitzer?

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Should I add ground to my Wurlitzer?

Post by duyentb » 05 Jan 2016, 07:53

I have a lot of ungrounded electronics and I'm in the process of going through everything and making sure it is grounded. My Wurlitzer 200 comes without a power receptacle - the cable simply goes straight through the wood, so it is very prone to damage when the piano is laid on its back (the fact that it has not happened yet is a testament to how little the previous owner was taking it out to gigs)

I often experienced very loud "pop" sounds in my other equipment whenever I turn on my Wurlitzer and I really fear what might happen taking everything out to play live under varying power conditions. I suppose it would be an easy modification to install a standard IEC 3 prong power receptacle and wire the ground wire to the harp assembly or somewhere else with good ground. That should make sure ground is the same on all my equipment, but is it safe and a good idea to do so given that it was not originally designed like that?

There is a quite good likelihood that I would often have to play under conditions where there is no common ground, but from what I understand it is still a good idea to try to ground equipment "together" so everything is running off the same wall outlet and everything is connected internally with ground even though there might not be ground in the wall outlet. Is that true?
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Re: Should I add ground to my Wurlitzer?

Post by Colin Nicholson » 06 Jan 2016, 09:17

In the UK here, we refer to appliances being EARTHED.... which is common sense really.
I'm not an electrician, but would probably start with the earth connection...... :?
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