Selling a Zender piano

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Selling a Zender piano

Post by Pam » 16 Aug 2015, 23:32

My Mother and Father have both died recently and we need to clear the house. I have no idea how to value or sell Mum's piano. It is a Zender upright with a registered design number 870064 just above the left keys. It is a light oak colour and is probably at least 60 years old. I don't think it has been tuned for a long time but all the notes work. I have some photos.
Any advice much appreciated, thank you

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Re: Selling a Zender piano

Post by Colin Nicholson » 18 Aug 2015, 01:13

Hi Pam,
Welcome to the forum.
To the piano trade, Zender is a well-known name - typically a sloping fronted piano with no legs from the 70s and 80s.
To a new comer/ general browser, the name Zender sounds like something from Star Wars! .... so best to mention that they were also affiliated with Broadwood, Welmar, Knight.... made by Whelpdale, Maxwell & Codd (google them for more info).

Try selling on Gumtree - it's free, up to 9 photos, you just need to register. Have a look under "Upright Pianos" for general prices.... estimated £200 - £300..... depending on condition & when tuned. Photos should show the lid OPEN with the name. Photo 2: Remove the front panel and take a photo of the mechanism. Don't repeat similar photos, and make sure nothing is on the piano, no junk. Remember on Gumtree, only a face-to-face cash deal only.... never accept PayPal or cheques through the post.... and leave your email address/ mobile or both. To bump your advert back up, you can pay a small fee to get it back to the top of the listings. Also consider Ebay.... but you need a PayPal account.... the opposite of Gumtree.

Keep your advert "too the point" .... and always show positive comments about the piano only. Eg.. "Rich tone, attractive cabinet, compact piano" .... etc.

Please avoid mentioning your late parents or "we need the space" .... that to some may be negative. Good to mention that the piano was enjoyed by all the family, but don't include sympathy or sentiments.... never sells. I also hate to see "no time wasters.... the last person never came back" .... oh dear me!! .... sounds desperate eh?

To sell your piano quickly, put the price up about £50 and get it tuned straight away. Selling a car that doesn't start will sit there all day long. If you get it tuned, don't say "recently tuned" (that could be a year ago).... but say "the piano has just been tuned on XYZ, and we have the receipt" .... OR offer to pay for a local tuning upon delivery.... but check the tuning prices to mark up your piano price.

A lot of people say "Buyer collects" .... or "Buyer to make their own delivery arrangements" .... at the end of the advert. Personally, I think it's obvious and the piano won't include delivery. If anyone asks, just say not included (they may try it on). It's like saying, "buyer must drive the car away themselves" .... doesn't need to be mentioned.

Piano stool?? .... sells better with a stool - include it on your photos, perhaps one photo with a nice bunch of flowers on it. (I once sold a boiler, and made up a bowl of fruit next to it.... and it sold quickly).

Other things to say.... "Over-strung, under-damped action" - very responsive, and suitable from beginner to Diploma.
If you need to give a reason for selling, perhaps say you are "downsizing".... but saying you need the space suggests you want rid! .... remember, always use positive and direct comments, about the piano only. Saying light oak is fine, but the number doesn't make sense - that will be a stock/ cabinet number and not recordable.... are the numbers facing the ceiling? .... if so, ignore that part.

A bit corny, but it works.... try this for an opener >>

"We are reluctantly selling our much loved piano" ...... etc etc. you need to put some thought into the ad.
By all means email me your wording and a photo.

Finally, always show the dimensions (usually in cm). The smaller size and shorter height may attract some buyers.... "will fit easily into your home/ any alcove" .... space may be an issue for some, so best to show that.

Hope that helps

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