REID SOHN UPRIGHT SU 110 517320 - Bit of advice?!

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REID SOHN UPRIGHT SU 110 517320 - Bit of advice?!

Post by Namethattune » 08 May 2013, 18:40

Hi there,

Just looking for a bit of advice. We have had this piano in our family for about 25 ish years. It is in excellent condition as sadly me and my brother didn't turn out to be very musical. My parents are now selling as they are moving house and we wanted to get an idea as to what would be a reasonable price to ask for it, and where might be a good place/forum to try and sell it. I've attached a picture to help.

Any advice most welcome! We don't really have any idea...!

Many thanks

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Re: REID SOHN UPRIGHT SU 110 517320 - Bit of advice?!

Post by mdw » 08 May 2013, 18:57

The way to get a value is get 3 dealers to come and give you a price they would pay to take it away. Not a oooooooooooooh its worth thousands but I don't want to buy it price but a here is the cold crispy note now price. Pick the best price ring following day and goodbye piano.
Some people get the best price then try to sell it privately and go back to the dealer if they cant sell privately. If you do that the dealer probably wont want your piano 4 week later as he priced it on the day when he had space.

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Re: REID SOHN UPRIGHT SU 110 517320 - Bit of advice?!

Post by vernon » 08 May 2013, 20:46

Whereabouts are you.
Area can affect the price offered.
The dealer's current level of stock, demand for that quality of piano etc.(leave aside age and condition)qualify an offer.
A dealer will offer you what it is worth to him on that day..- collection, bringing up to standard regulation tuning, cosmetic treatment and final delivery to new customer.if it doesn't suit you then decline his offer.end of story.
Our mission in life is to tune customers--not pianos.

Any fool can make a piano-- it needs a tuner to put the music in it

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