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Yamaha use strange abbreviations for their keyboard action!

Posted: 09 Apr 2009, 23:32
by markymark
They do have a specialised set of abbreviations to describe the various features of their digital pianos but here, we'll talk about the keyboard action. Lots of people get stuck using when coming up with abbreviations they meet when shopping around, particularly when trying to diagnose from reading specifications and product details, which digital piano offers the best keyboard action and which one has the best piano sounds for example.

Yamaha terms and abbreviations for digital pianos:

weighted action - just what it says. Some kind of generic weight has been added to all keys to give a weight, though not a graded or yet a hammer-action reponse!

GHS - yamaha entry level graded hammer action

GH or GHE - mid-level graded hammer action

GH3 - new generation graded hammer action

NW - natural wood action

I have listed these from basic to best.