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What other sounds can I expect on a digital piano?

Posted: 09 Apr 2009, 23:07
by markymark
Because digital pianos are designed to be first and foremostly pianos, manufacturers will provide basic keyboard-based voicings: piano, electric piano, harpsichord and organ. There will usually be two variations of all of these but these depends on where your digital piano appears on the product range. I always say that very often in digital/stage pianos, you get what you pay for; simply put, the more you spend on a digital/stage piano, the more voicings and normally, the better the quality of them.

On top of this, you will also get at least one of these added as standard voicing groups: strings, bass, pad/choir and somtimes percussion. Besides this, some will add other orchestral solo voices, guitars, ethnic instruments, abstract pads, percussion variations as well as daft fun voices. Within the context of a digital piano, these extras are largely for entertainment value.