Important Find by Palace Pianos

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Important Find by Palace Pianos

Post by palacepianos » 01 Oct 2010, 07:39

As we work to find these amazing pieces, we sometime come across these rare and unique pieces by chance only. This is one of those times:
Vertical Piano by Pleyel serial number 10112 delivered September of the year 1843. This piano was played by Chopin at the residence in Paris of the Countess Natalia Obreskoff.


Pleyel Oblique Upright serial number 10113 year 1843 was sent to Chopins apartment at Square D`Orleans the same month and year. The curious part is that the two pianos were one both chosen the same day, and left the atelier of Pleyel the same day. Whether there is any significance in this, we do not know as of yet, but we are trying to find out.

We know that the two had a very strong friendship, Chopin was the teacher of her daughter Princess Catherine Souzzo, and also dedicated his fantasie Op 49: 109 n.2 to the Princess. We also know that the Countess Natalia Obreskoff was there for Chopin even after his death. It is said that the Countess Obreskoff had Chopin in her arms when he died. She did as well save most of his works and souvenirs after he died buying as well the Grand piano by Ignace Pleyel serial number 7267 which is now on display at The Museum of Music Collections in Paris. It is also known that when he died, Mme Countess Obreskoff paid his debts as well...

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