Bechstein model history

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Bechstein model history

Post by Jerome » 19 Mar 2006, 01:23

Current Bechstein grands seem to have roughly the same names (A to D etc) and sizes as the pre-war
models. The uprights though seem to have changed -
there used to be models 6 to 10 but now there seem to be 118, 124, Concert 11 and Concert 8. Does anyone know when the change in upright lines took place? Also, the names of the grands and the Concert 8 upright suggest continuity with the pre-war models.
Is this in fact true in the internals? This is largely idle curiosity but any information gratefully received.

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Post by Bill Kibby » 19 Mar 2006, 13:51

I don't have all the answers, but in 1899, Bechstein introduced the Model A - a 6'8" grand, with 85 notes, based on the Model 5, and it is interesting to make direct comparisons: The shape of the Model 5, with its "fishtail", has been streamlined to a "double serpentine curve", but since this results in a slight loss of soundboard area, the keyboard section of the case has been made 2" larger to compensate, making the appearance heavier and bulkier by comparison with the more delicate Model 5. The nameplate on the treble section of the wrestplank area is also simplified, just "C. Bechstein, Berlin" with no reference to koenigs and kaisers etc. The numbered models (grand or upright) began from Model 1, the lettered models began from A, but some piano models use numbers which represent the size (length of a grand or height of an upright).
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