John Broadwood & Sons Cottage Upright info

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John Broadwood & Sons Cottage Upright info

Post by nrayandrews » 12 Dec 2019, 02:44

Hi there, i have a John Broadwood & Sons Cottage Upright i am seeking some information about and history, picked it up in a clearance sale for $80, seems to play well just needs a bit of a tune, woodwork is not great some chips and marks etc. It has serial number 49767 and some other signature type writing on it, would be interested if anyone can provide some details for it please - thanks Neil

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Re: John Broadwood & Sons Cottage Upright info

Post by Feg » 12 Dec 2019, 17:43

Hello Neil

Broadwood Pianos are still in existence and, for a fee, will provide details of your piano from their archives.

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Re: John Broadwood & Sons Cottage Upright info

Post by chrisw » 12 Dec 2019, 21:36

According to a list of Broadwood serial numbers which can be found on line a cottage upright with that number would have been produced between 1875 and 1880.

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Re: John Broadwood & Sons Cottage Upright info

Post by Bill Kibby » 13 Dec 2019, 15:20

Yes, this is probably about 1877, but there should be a date written on the side of the key on the top note. Most pianos have several numbers inside.
For more general information see
Does it have hexagonal legs? As usual, the most important photo would be to show us what the WHOLE piano looks like, unobscured by dogs, stools, vases etc..
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