R.Gors & Kallmann Berlin Piano.

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R.Gors & Kallmann Berlin Piano.

Post by Kerryd » 17 Nov 2019, 04:41

Hello all.
I am a beginner pianist and I just bought the below piano. I've seached the internet but haven't been able to find much. So I'm just wondering if anyone here might know much about these piano's - any information on the history/ type of wood/ weight would be wonderfully appreciated.

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Re: seeking information on R Gors &Kellmann Berlin Piano.

Post by Bill Kibby » 19 Nov 2019, 11:24

Although search engines will try to help, it is important to check the spelling before you search. The name is Gors & Kallmann, they are famous German makers, and there is a tremendous amount of information spread around the internet in bits and pieces, but I don't know of a particular specialist site. Your photo doesn't give any clue what sort of piano it is. Can you show us the WHOLE piano?
I am not an expert on wood, they made them in a variety of timbers, mostly hidden under dark "ebonised" finishes, which could hide all kinds of odd wood that doesn't match if you strip it.
The weight of the piano will vary from model to model. With an upright piano, you can get a good idea by weighing each end in turn and adding them together, but beware, the scales may have to cope with 23 stones. With a grand, you have to do each leg in turn.
The firm is thought to have been established in 1877. No proper lists of serial number dates have been published, but my estimates are at
Piano History Centre
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If you find old references or links on this site to pianogen.org, they should refer to pianohistory.info

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