Brooklyn piano from Teague & King

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Brooklyn piano from Teague & King

Post by temcadon » 30 Jun 2019, 18:17

Hi, I'v come across this old Brooklyn Piano which seems to have been sold by Teague and King but I can't find any information relating to date or quality online. It is an upright with a 3/4 iron frame. Quite an interesting sound but not sure whether it's because the strings are old and need replacing? Any info is greatly appreciated. I have the serial number if needs be :) Thanks

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Post by Bill Kibby » 30 Jun 2019, 19:52

By 1900, the Post Office London Directory lists Green & Savage, Pianoforte Makers, North Road, London N and describes them as "Makers of the Brooklyn Piano". Previously they just used their own name.
They were average commercial pianos, by now very old, and likely to suffer problems, especially loose tuning pins. Here in the UK, pianos like this have very little value.
Serial number dates are not available. The retailers, Teague & King, became a limited company around 1905, so this piano appears to be before that, but we can't tell anything about the individual piano without seeing what the WHOLE thing looks like.
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