John Broadwood and Sons Upright Piano

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John Broadwood and Sons Upright Piano

Post by tejaslamb » 06 Apr 2019, 21:42

Dear readers,
I have a John Broadwood and Sons upright piano and I was wondering if anybody could please inform me on the history of the piano (when, where it was made etc)

I know almost next to nothing about the piano, and do not want a value, however, I would love to hear about the history of this wonderful instrument and hope I have come to the right forum!

It has two pedals

It is a 7 octave piano, from A to A

Pictures have been uploaded: if you can not see, the number is


Thank you,
Tejas Lamb
From right of piano
Keys (7 8ve, A-A)
Inside (from top lid)
Number, 110037

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Re: John Broadwood and Sons Upright Piano

Post by Bill Kibby » 07 Apr 2019, 09:46

Dating pianos purely on the basis of numbers is often not as easy at it seems, but this one suggests 1911, and from the pictures, that seems possible, although I would have guessed nearer 1918.

It was, of course, made in Broadwoods' London factory, but the only way you might learn more is by contacting Broadwoods themselves...
and there is a fee, but at least they are one of the very few makers whose records still exist. The archives are stored at Surrey History Centre, so you also have the options of going there, or paying them to search for information. For more details see
Piano History Centre
Email via my website.
If you find old references or links on this site to, they should refer to

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