Holling and Spangenberg

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Chris Leslie
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Holling and Spangenberg

Post by Chris Leslie » 24 Jan 2019, 22:38

Hello Bill Kibby.

Can you find for me date of manufacture of a Holling and Spangenberg with serial number 28688?

Chris Leslie
Chris Leslie - Piano Tuner/Technician
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Bill Kibby
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Re: Holling and Spangenberg

Post by Bill Kibby » 25 Jan 2019, 13:21

When you are searching it is useful to be aware that some people "translate" the spelling rather than type accents, so Hoelling may be spelt Hohlling, or Holling as you have done. It is probably easier to search for Spangenberg.

I am not aware of any published dates for their numbers. If your tuner feels that it is safe to remove the action (the working parts of the notes) it may be marked with the action makers' name and number.

Another thing is that the piano probably has a list of exhibition medals they received, and the piano will have been made after the last...
1861 Prize medal.
1865 Prize medal or two?
1867 Prize medal.
1870 Prize medal.
1873 Prize medal.
1875 Prize medal.
1880 Prize medal.
1881 Prize medal Melbourne?
1881 Prize medal
1885 Prize medal.
1898 Prize medal.
Have a look at the Medals page at pianohistory.info
Piano History Centre
Email via my website.
If you find old references or links on this site to pianogen.org, they should refer to pianohistory.info

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