Spencer piano to sell/give away

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Spencer piano to sell/give away

Post by Jazz45 » 17 Jan 2019, 08:04

Hi, I have a John Spencer piano, serial number 57628 that I was left when I bought my house. My first question is how old would this make this piano?
Secondly, it takes up too much room so I need to sell or give away-I’m not fussed about making money from this, so any info/advice will be greatly received.

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Re: Date of Piano and best place to sell/give away

Post by Bill Kibby » 17 Jan 2019, 12:38

As always, it would be much better to photograph the WHOLE piano so we can see what it looks like, but the number suggests it was made in 1912. Old unrestored uprights from around the Edwardian period are so numerous, and many are queueing up to be scrapped, so they usually have very little value, and I doubt if anyone can give you any original suggestions about how to dispose of it. If you live in Lincs I might give it a home, as long as the outside looks authentic. Otherwise, local ads and Ebay are options.
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