Walstein & Sohn Berlin piano

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Walstein & Sohn Berlin piano

Post by ixTHATGUYxi » 11 Nov 2018, 07:12

Looking to find the age of my Piano.
It is a "Walstein & Sohn" Brand With "Berlin." underneath the name.
Have looked everywhere for a serial number but cannot find one stamped on or engraved, etc.
However on most of the piano's inside parts are the numbers written in grey lead pencil "3916", unsure if this may be the serial number.
Not overly fussed on how much it's worth, but would be nice to know, more looking for the age of this Piano.
And YES, I have checked the spelling and it is not "Waldstein".

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Bill Kibby
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Walstein & Sohn Berlin piano

Post by Bill Kibby » 11 Nov 2018, 14:52

I would guess it was made around 1901. Numbers are no help unless they have been published. There are a couple on Gumtree. The Names page on my own website
explains that many piano names are meaningless. It has an item about apparently German names that begin or end with "Stein", and another that mentions apparently fake German names applied to genuinely German pianos sold in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Walstein pianos were advertised in Australia in the twenties.

I can find no trace of a real maker named Walstein, but I will have another look. I have the world's largest directory of British piano firms, but I don't have extensive research facilities for German pianos. My Edwardian page
gives lots of useful general information.

With old German pianos, your best bet is that of your tuner feels it is safe to remove the action (the working parts of the notes) it may be marked on the back with the action makers' name and number, and I may be able to date this.
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