Görs & Kallmann made in London

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Görs & Kallmann made in London

Post by robchapman » 06 Apr 2018, 02:26

Hi, I was recently called by a friend, who owns a house clearence business, to ask if i would be interested in Görs & Kallmann. I am a hobyist piano restorer and usually only have pianos that would otherwise be destroyed. I stay away from the big names as I think they deserve propper care. On this occassion I sad yes as he was happy to deliver it for £30 all in. I didnt even go to see it. Any hoo, on delivery I immediately identified it as a 1930s studio. Its in quite good condition all things considered and I dont have to do too much to bring it up to scratch although the woodwork needs attention. The curious thing is a lable that says "Made in London to the specifications of R.Görs & Kallmann Berlin".

I had no idea that G&K pianos were made in London. Does anyone have any information about this please? The serial number is 120593. This does not match with any of the G&K numbeers. It does have the G&K shield. I did find a vauge reference online to 120439 dated 1933 which at least confirms my date guess.

Any info would be great.

Thank you


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Re: Görs & Kallmann made in London

Post by Bill Kibby » 06 Apr 2018, 09:22

My Numbers page
has a list for Gors & Kallmann, and says...

1934 Challen pianos were being made in London at the Brasted factory, with the “Gors & Kallmann” name on them, and numbers in the 120,000 range, which do not correspond to serial numbers for Gors & Kallmann, or Challen, or Brasted!

Whether they were really "to the specifications" I can't say, but it agrees with the quote you gave. I am not sure what a "studio" is, it seems to be an American term.
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Re: Görs & Kallmann made in London

Post by robchapman » 06 Apr 2018, 12:41

Oh Bill! I completely missed that paragraph on you website. Thank you for pointing it out. Judging by the wood glue drips on the inside, weird (cheap looking) capstan arrangement and gerneral mass production feel I would confidently say its not to G&K spec hehe

However its a good example and has a reaonable tone so I will continue to save it from piano heaven.

As for "studio" I never considered it an americanism but certainly explains when I get blank looks when I talk about Studio Pianos with piano traders. The dangers of learning what you know from the internet yayyyy. The definition of a Studio does nicely fit a certain design type though. 44-46" high, usually 85 keys with a music shelf rather than drop down stand and looks like it was made for wheeling around a school or church hall.

Thanks for your help.



Re: Görs & Kallmann made in London

Post by robchapman » 06 Apr 2018, 13:12

Just found a useful lable

Order Number: 30166 25/11/1936
Name: BWZ
Size 15 1/2 x 8 1/4 DR

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