G.H Sherborne Piano

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G.H Sherborne Piano

Post by lgabriel » 26 Feb 2018, 16:01

Hi there!

We are trying to learn more about our piano but can't seem to find any information on the internet, so I am hoping someone here might know more. It is an upright iron grand with the name G.H. Sherborne listed on the front. I have attached some pictures that I took of it. Any information we can find out would be great!
Piano 4.jpg
Piano 3.jpg
Piano 2.jpg
Piano 1.jpg

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Re: G.H Sherborne Piano

Post by Bill Kibby » 01 Mar 2018, 18:00

This looks like a typical Edwardian piano, as shown on my Edwardian page at
Sherborne was bankrupt in the 1870s, but came back, and the business was still going in 1928. No dates of serial numbers are available, and as far as I am aware, he was only a dealer, so presumably bought the piano in from a wholesaler. If you want to search inside the piano for clues, have a look at
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Re: G.H Sherborne Piano

Post by lgabriel » 07 Mar 2018, 19:13

Thank you so much for your help!

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