Squire & Longson #126359

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Squire & Longson #126359

Post by licata » 23 Jun 2017, 12:32

Request for information
Good morning,

I turn to help My name is Simon I'm writing from Italy, I ask you how I can get some information (example model, age, features, photos) or documents of a vertical piano Squire & Longson (brand absorbed by Kemble I believe In the '70s) with a serial number of 126359, with Schwander mechanics. This piano received it as a gift from a friend. Certainly I tried sending emails to Kemble but I do not get any answers. I attach to this useful photo to find the model. Thanking you for the cooperation while awaiting your response, we cordially greet you.
Licata Simone
Via Canonica 41
20851 Lissone MB

Richiesta di informazioni

Mi rivolgo per aiuto Il mio nome è Simone che scrivo dall'Italia, Vi chiedo come posso ottenere alcune Informazioni (esempio il modello, l’età, caratteristiche,foto) o documenti di un pianoforte verticale Squire & Longson (marchio assorbito da Kemble credo negli anni '70) con numero di serie di 126359, con meccanica Schwander. Questo pianoforte lo ricevuto in regalo da un amico. Siceramente ho provato ha mandare email alla compagnia Kemble ma non ricevo nessuna risposta. Allego a questa foto utile per trovare il modello. Ringraziando sempre per la collaborazione in attesa di una sua risposta, Vi salutiamo cordialmente.

Licata Simone
Via Canonica 41
20851 Lissone MB
Foto Piano Squire & Longson
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Re: Request for information (Help)

Post by Gill the Piano » 25 Jun 2017, 12:37

I've moved your post to Piano History as Bill is the best chap to help you. Kemble were making pianos for Squire in the forties I think, perhaps earlier. Bill will probably know when Squire became Squire and Longson (or vice versa).
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Re: Squire & Longson #126359

Post by Bill Kibby » 25 Jun 2017, 17:36

As I explained when you emailed me in June, Kembles no longer exist, so it is unlikely that they will answer emails. No archive material is available at the moment, it is stored at Hackney Archives, but not available for research.
If you have a look near the bottom of my Numbers page
there are some dates for Kemble pianos, and 126359 suggests that it was made in 1965.  If you want to search inside the piano for a date, have a look at
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