Piano brand - Dorffman?

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Piano brand - Dorffman?

Post by Therasa » 12 Jun 2017, 21:37

Anyone heard of/know of the Dorffman brand of pianos ?

I have seen one for sale but have never heard of them, any ideas ?

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Re: Piano brand - Dorffman ????

Post by Bill Kibby » 12 Jun 2017, 21:55

It seems odd spelling, like a Chinese idea of a German name, there are a few around, modern, but I don't know anything about them. Interestingly, the only one on Google Images was spelt wrongly! To quote my page at

Some people are disappointed if their piano does not have a name on the front, but many piano names are meaningless anyway. People have come to regard the internet as the ultimate fount of knowledge, but I have over 80,000 piano and music names on file. The majority of them are not listed on the internet, and many are not real makers.
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Piano brand Dorffman

Post by GrahamSes » 01 Mar 2018, 17:11

Thanks for sharing the photos. It seems a typical London piano of the first few years of the 1900s. Are there any numbers easily visible inside the top?

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