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Vosemar Piano

Post by jacquigood2 » 18 Sep 2016, 19:52

I have an upright piano with the word Vosemar on it. The maker is Beech's of Preston and has the number 52483 inside. I would love some information on it but cant find anything. Can anyone help please?

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Colin Nicholson
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Re: Vosemar Piano

Post by Colin Nicholson » 18 Sep 2016, 23:38

Thank you for your post.

I'm not familiar with the name 'Vosemar' , nor registered in my piano atlas book, but I have come across their name before many years ago, having an unusual font on the fallboard like Chinese.

T Beech of Preston were piano retailers (shop) founded in 1868 who sold their pianos, not the makers, and they would have placed a "shop" decal on their pianos they sold to advertise, usually to the left or right of the keyboard - near the key slip rail. They were located at 37 Lune Street, Preston, Lancashire, UK .... here is a photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/rpsmithbarney/6303955147

The shop may have received the piano at any time after new, and even though passed onto to several new owners (like yourself) - the shop name still remains, but may not be the original sellers from new - however, the piano name may remain a mystery. The numbers you state could be the serial number, but without original archives - the number is of no use.... could also be a stock or cabinet number which cannot be traced. Without photos, who knows if it is a serial number or not?

If you could send a photo of the piano, or perhaps copy/paste the link - if you bought the piano online? .... we may be able to give you more general information/ legs/ front panel / mechanism etc. I suspect that Vosemar could be a stencil name (google "Stencil pianos") or a name added to the cabinet after polishing or refurbishment. There may be more clues inside the piano if you have it tuned. I also believe that some were pianolas, but the player unit not survived and often removed so it just becomes a piano.

Hope that helps
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Re: Vosemar Piano

Post by Bill Kibby » 21 Sep 2016, 11:32

There are a few of these around from the twenties, I used to wonder if they were connected with Vose, U.S.A., but they seem very English pianos. Vosemar doesn't seem to be a real maker, Beech was just a retailer. Some of the mysteries of piano names are discussed at

Numbers don't help with the majority of piano names, unless we can find out who made it. If you want to search inside the piano for clues, have a look at

Beech doesn't appear in any of my Preston lists 1886-1938 except the 1914 Music Trades Directory, when they were instrument dealers.
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