John Broadwood & Sons cottage piano

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John Broadwood & Sons cottage piano

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Hi all,
Please can you help me to date my piano? It's serial number is 30154. I will post some photos. Thanks for your help.
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Re: John Broadwood and sons upright piano

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1867Broadwood#30154u (19).jpg
1867Broadwood#30154u (29).jpg
Open. Does it have 85 notes?
1867Broadwood#30154u (39).jpg
Close-up of leg.
I have shuffled these pictures around so that they all appear together in one post, and up the right way. The number suggests that it was made in 1867, it is a typical Cottage Piano, as described at
That page also mentions the leg style as typical of the 1860s. The top door (top front panel) was probably pierced fretwork originally, now replaced by a plain board which doesn't match. I don't know whether "lid" means the top or the fall (keyboard lid) but it appears to be rosewood veneer. If you want to search inside the piano for clues, have a look at
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