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Monington & Weston Archives

Post by Bill Kibby » 14 Dec 2013, 01:37

When Monington & Weston closed their factory, Mr & Mrs Watts very kindly gave me a lot of piano paperwork, but can anyone tell me where I can locate their actual archives now?

Or put me in touch with the Watts family?
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Re: Monington & Weston Archives

Post by vernon » 20 Dec 2013, 21:04

I've got my weekly work book at Moningtons 56-58 in the finishing.tuning dept. if it's of interest. The boss was Mr Watts senior and his sons, Clarence(ex Lancaster bomber pilot) and Bernard. Bernard had twins and once invited me to tea in N London somewhere!
It's all in pencil and a a bit blurry.but it does show that blocking up, installing keyframe, dampers,hammers regulating etc took about 8-9 hours .Anything quicker got a bonus as it was piece work.
let me know. You can scan it but I need it back.
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