Our Rogers Piano...

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Our Rogers Piano...

Post by SusanL » 10 Jun 2013, 18:12

It appears that Rogers made baby grand pianos up until about 1930 and we have one in our church which we'd like to find out a little more about. Apparently we should be able to find a serial number which would give us more info on our instrument and even date it? Can anyone tell me where to look? On the frame? underneath? under the lid?

As a flautist I simply don't know enough - it seems a nice instrument and I don't think the frame is compromised or the soundboard cracked but in truth, I could be mistaken. Would our piano tuner be the best person to advise on its condition and desirability with respect to valuation ahead of a potential sale as it seems a pity to have it sitting unused in our building if there were someone who would play it on a regular basis. Or would asking a local piano dealer be a better way to go? We are in, Kent - reasonably close to Canterbury and therefore I wonder if there are any recommendations. Would a private sale be recommended or not?

Many thanks for any comments...

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Re: Our Rogers Piano...

Post by Bill Kibby » 10 Jun 2013, 18:55

If you can find a number, and there is only one, it may tell us the date, but nothing else. Your tuner will be looking inside anyway, so why not ask him to look for a number? As for selling grands, it is very difficult to find a buyer now, or get a reasonable price for them, so if a dealer wants to take it on, that may be your best bet.

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