Orist - Spare Parts | Buried on youtube

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Orist - Spare Parts | Buried on youtube

Post by Orist » 07 Aug 2011, 22:37

Hello everyone!

I'd like you to hear a piece I made as part of a project I started with a friend, to make a new song/track/piece every week.


If you have any comments on it, please share.
For instance, what does it remind you of?
Does it trigger an image or feeling?
What could be done better/different?
I'd love to hear what you think.


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Re: Orist - Spare Parts | Buried on youtube

Post by MarkGoodwinPianos » 08 Aug 2011, 16:00

Very captivating opening 30 seconds
30 seconds onwards develops nicely
Nice relief at 50 seconds

The main theme is very nice.

3:20 is quite emotional. I can "feel" each note.
Beautiful reverb

Perhaps it gets a bit too "chordy" in places but I very much enjoyed listening.

Well done :)
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