Haydn - Sonata Hob. XV1:41 Allegro de Molto

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Haydn - Sonata Hob. XV1:41 Allegro de Molto

Post by Gooday » 03 Mar 2009, 16:36

I think the piano showcase is a great idea, so I thought I'd better post something.

Unfortunately, I had my Chopin evening class recital effort taped over (**#!** college IT department), so here's the only other recording of my efforts.

This is from BEFORE my evening classes started last year and although the poor sound quality helps hide a number of issues, you''ll spot some random and unnecessary pedaling, some suspect dynamics and a few wrong notes. Maybe a tempo change too. I'd play those grace notes differently now too, despite what Ronan O'Hora does on the ABRSM recording.

Technically, this is from the current Grade 7 list, but it would need a bit more work I think to reach that standard. For some reason, I decided to learn the longer and more tedious first part of the Sonata (just the Allegro, not in the exam syllabus) for this terms concert. I've memorised it, I can play it at 80bpm, but at concert speed, it's sounding rubbish. Not looking forward to playing that at the concert next week. Good trill practice though.Anyway, I digress.

If you know a 6 year old who can play this, that's great, but please don't tell me as us late starters can get a bit depressed about that sort of thing.

Let me know if the link doesn't work.


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Re: Haydn - Sonata Hob. XV1:41 Allegro de Molto

Post by markymark » 04 Apr 2009, 23:02

It sounds like it is coming along well and looking at your hand posture, you have made a good start at feeling comfortable with the piece. The problem with this sonata, and like many of Bach's works, is the need for both hands to be agile and balanced so that the parts played by the right and left are practically indistinguishable to the audience's ears.

As you say, it does need to be faster but I think you'll cope! :wink:

Good job!

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