The composer Charlie Chaplin

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The composer Charlie Chaplin

Post by Pianist685 » 25 Mar 2019, 16:20

Only few people know that Charlie Chaplin was not only actor and director but also used to compose the musical scores for his films. I would like to present two Chaplin tunes here, both played from sheet music with some alterations from my side. The theme from “Limelight” is somewhat emotional while “Smile” is contemplative and comes from the film “Modern times” (1936). Later, in the 1950s, it got lyrics and was performed by Nat King Cole.

Theme from "Limelight"


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Re: The composer Charlie Chaplin

Post by Phrasemaker » 14 Apr 2019, 14:06

It is great to have the opportunity to hear these two pieces. I had no idea that Charlie Chaplin composed the scores for his films.

Both pieces come across very well in terms of playing and the sound quality of the recordings. I like the bluesy feel of the Theme from "Limelight" and the dynamic contrast of the section where chords build and delicate melodies are interlaced.

Smile, does just what it alludes to and your approach to playing it very well delivers a real impression of how one might feel when a moment is almost tragic and one is desperately searching for something a little more than the facade to hold things together. Again, bluesy/jazzy in how all the chord voicings and turns in the melodic phrasing fit together.

Very obvious that you have played with thought and care while delivering your interpretation of each piece. Great control of the dynamics and tempo in each piece. Brightened my Sunday afternoon. Thank you.



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